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Monday, January 26

Dead or Alive (Bon Jovi)

Deadwood, South Dakota
Living in the southeastern corner of a state where everything that is educational or fun is about four hours away, coupled with trying to decide where to go and face the frigid weather and seasonal closings, can be a little discouraging. After some internet research, I found that our family would be traveling near Deadwood, South Dakota – where Wild Bill Hickok was killed!

Deadwood, like many tourist towns throughout the area, closes up for the winter. However, there are some things that a family can enjoy even in the off-season.   Deadwood is known for its bars and casinos, but a history loving family can spend the day there and experience what life would have been like in the 1870/1880’s. HERE is a link to the attractions that are offered in Deadwood.

Deadwood, South Dakota is nestled in the Black Hills. The area is beautiful! Oh, the snow on the hillside makes the scenery just mind blowing.  It was a mining town during the 1870’s Black Hills gold rush. At the time, it was a wild area, and the first pioneer preacher to the area, Henry Weston Smith, was murdered  on the hill right outside of Deadwood.
The most memorable act that happened in Deadwood was the murder of Wild Bill Hickok. History tells that anytime Hickok entered the saloon, he sat at a poker table beside a huge fireplace with his back against the wall. On August 2, 1876, when he sat down at the table, he sat with his back towards the door; leaving him in a vulnerable position.
This is the chair Wild Bill was sitting in when he was shot, and these are some original photos and drawings of Wild Bill.
The original site does not house the items any longer. They have moved them across the street to a larger building, which is an active bar and casino. During the day, the gaming establishments are open to families since so many of them are full of museum artifacts, like this one.
Wild Bill and Calamity Jane are buried beside each other in Mt. Moriah Cemetery. Jane’s grave is the one with yellow and red flowers.  If you know anything about Wild Bill and Calamity Jane, then you know “wild” is perfect for Bill.  As for Jane, well, she was no Dale Evans. 
The cemetery is beautiful; it’s located on a hillside looking down on the city, and is definitely rough terrain.  Something that really stood out to me about this resting place was the walk ways. Each one that we saw was named after people or places from the Bible.

If you are a history loving family, you really don’t want to miss Deadwood, South Dakota!

Lori is a Georgia Peach transplanted to the Southeastern corner of Montana. She shares about faith, family and homemaking at Frog's Lilypad.

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