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Friday, December 5

Going to California (Led Zeppelin)

We just had a whirlwind Thanksgiving trip.....with Monday and Friday being travel days, and the others being family / exploration, there was no time to be bored!  Come with us to So-Cal!

Monday : Travel

Good-bye, Oklahoma City!  We left the house before dawn, drove to the airport, and were pleasantly surprised at the fact that it wasn't packed full.  Guess everyone else was waiting until Wednesday to travel...
We were treated to the most PERFECT view of the Grand Canyon during the flight to Las Vegas.  We have not had the chance to travel here yet, and it's on our list.  These pictures don't do it justice, but the sun's angles gave us a beautiful view for several minutes.
We stopped in Las Vegas just long enough to run from one plane to the other....the boys paused for five seconds so that we could document that they had been to Las Vegas! 
Finally, we reached our destination...Ontario, CA, just outside of Los Angeles.  A few hours with family members, and it was already time to settle into bed.....tomorrow was another day.

Tuesday : Beach

Um.....I think they were just a little tired.  Five minutes into the car ride, these guys were out cold.  Aren't they so cute?  My oldest craves the ocean like man craves air, so whenever we are close to one, we make a point to get there.  We drove an hour to Oceanside, CA and spent the afternoon at the beach.
We built sand castles, walked through the waves, watched the surfers, and enjoyed the peace of a beautiful afternoon.
It's a hard life....   Late lunch at Ruby's 1950's Diner on the pier, and then it was time to head back.  A little disappointing, but we had groceries to buy!  Remember, we're here for Thanksgiving....and it was time to plan to cook!
A couple of years ago, my girlfriend and I had a great girls' weekend in Oceanside.  At the time, we found some 'cute guys' hanging out on the pier.  Those same guys are there, but they're not nearly as friendly anymore!  So....I scoped out this guy for her instead....
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