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Saturday, December 6

Born to Fly (Sara Evans)

Wednesday : Air Museum

Just down the road lies the Air Force base where a family member is currently stationed.  Part of that base is the March Field Air Museum, covering aircraft history from the birth of flight through the future space program.  They have a fabulous collection of retired and restored planes!
If you've followed us for any length of time, then you know that just like the oldest craves the beach, the youngest lives and breathes for airplanes.  We passed this one on the way from the airport to the house on Monday...and knew immediately that we would be coming back.
Plus one cousin, the boys tore off into the museum to check out all the cool airplanes!  And when they got out of hand, we stuck them in a German WWII POW was only for pilots.
After exhausting the inside of the museum, we headed out into the desert heat.  It was eye-opening to see the temperature swings out here!  So cold during the night...blisteringly hot during the day!  But all the best stuff was outside...
Waiting for the tram to arrive, the boys played around a little bit, trying on that 'Top Gun' cockiness for a bit.  They were adorable in the way that only little boys can be!
The 45-minute tram ride was both entertaining and educational.  We learned about World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and current conflicts, as well as the development of the military flight technology to back them.  The kids were interested in the aircraft and had lots of questions...they picked up a few history lessons along the way, too.
We saw the bomber that dropped the bomb on Nagasaki, an Alaskan Coast Guard rescue plane, the Tomcats from 'Top Gun,' and many more.
This bomb was's a replica, about a quarter-scale, that was made by a local Boy Scout troop.  The kids are in scouts and asked several questions about how you get the privilege of building a bomb and being praised for it............scary!  (Laughing)  It was pretty neat, though.
Further on, in the Vietnam area, we had a history lesson all of it's own.  Grandpa spent many years, and a couple of tours, in Vietnam.  The boys learned about that war, the environment and things that Grandpa may have experienced, and his job during the war (conflict?).   They took some time to explore the Cobra and other helicopters used during this time.
All in all, a good little side trip.  If you're in the Riverside area, we definitely recommend a stop...especially if you're traveling with boys!

Thursday : Thanksgiving

 Thanksgiving dinner, family photos, and time to catch up with friends!

Friday : Travel

No photos from was a long travel day that saw us getting back home after midnight....and man was it COLD!!!   Home again, home again, jiggity jig!
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