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Tuesday, November 18

Wading in the Velvet Sea (Phish)

The morning after our trip up Jockey's Ridge, I woke up the oldest an we went out to watch the sunrise over the ocean.  It was VERY early, and the youngest had a rough night, so we let him sleep in.  Plus, it's good to have some one-on-one time now and then.
My son has this innate need to be near the ocean.  Like myself, you can see the calm wash over him as the waves crash in.  Unfortunately in this case, our home is in Oklahoma, but we try to take him to water as often as possible.  I am sure that within the next decade, he will have moved away to live by the beach...somewhere.  In the meantime, he maintains that the rolling waters of the Atlantic are his favorite.
We walked through the surf, talking about everything and nothing all at once, and having one of those moments that, in retrospect, you hope your child will remember with love.  He took the camera and wanted to commemorate the rising of the sun, a clean new day.  I cannot fully express to you just how much his demeanor changes when we are near water...but this was the most peaceful he had been in a very long time.
He also took this great photo of the waters rolling over the sand, the fishermen taking advantage of a beautiful morning, and the headline picture for this post (with the quote).  He has such an artist's heart!
Remember how I said that I had been anticipating sharing that peace with my children?  This was where my family spent their happiest days, when I was a child.  As a teen, that unit disintegrated and I spent decades trying to find a purpose, a peace, and where I belonged in this life.  I had hoped to find something that had been missing, possibly left behind at this location. 
What I discovered instead was the peace is within me.  It doesn't matter where I am....yes, it's true, being here brought back many happy memories, but it didn't change anything.  That sense of purpose and place can only come from my heart.  Being here with my children, however, brought an even greater sense....the sense that I am exactly where I should be....staying home, dedicating my life to my children and family, and raising future husbands.  It's a nice feeling.
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