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Monday, November 10

Rocket (Goldfrapp)

 U.S. Space & Rocket Center
We started our trip to the Virginian coast with a very long day!  Making our way east, we dipped down from I-40 to hit Huntsville, AL.  The US Space & Rocket Center is one of our NASA Passport stops, and our little astronaut was very excited!
We had about an hour and a half to do as much as possible here, so we hit the ground running.  First, we learned how to launch rockets, step by step.  Then we went to see the huge transport aircraft that bring materials to the building pads.
We rounded the corner and came upon a group of Boy Scouts just getting ready to have a presentation.  We asked, and the leader said that we could sit in with them.  Score!  This satisfied so many of the requirements for the boys' astronomy badge.  We learned a bit, too?  Do you the names of the first two monkeys sent into space?  *see answer at bottom*
We checked out all of the rockets out back and walked over to the 'carnival rides.'  I couldn't convince either of the boys to try out the Space Shot, but they enjoyed watching the other people shoot up into the air at egregious speeds!  I actually went on this ride as a teenager....once...and would never get on it again.  But, you know, everyone should try it once!
Near the carnival rides, we were able to go into a mock-up of the lunar module landing site.  We examined moon rocks at the site. 
Back inside the main building, we tried our hands at handling the space capsule.  We checked out all of the training exercises and equipment used by students that attend Space Camp.  Have you seen the movie Space Camp?  It's one of my little astronaut's favorites!
Getting to see the space shuttle was pretty amazing!  It's such an important piece of American science history.  Back at the hotel, the boys dug up meteorites while mom looked up directions for tomorrow's drive deep into the mountain back roads of North Carolina!

Rocket Center unit :
Flight Adventures unit study (free) (3rd-5th grade)

**Abel & Baker**

Tulsa Air & Space Museum 

Shortly before leaving for this trip, we visited the Tulsa Air & Space Museum with tickets the boys had won from an auction.  Here are a few photos from that day. 
Arrival & Planetarium
Getting to play Top Gun
Old pros at riding commercial 
Cool engine photo
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