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Wednesday, November 5

A Lego Thanksgiving

On to the Art Projects!

This Thanksgiving, instead of making hand-print turkeys again, why not mix it up with some Legos?  Read on for some fun and new ideas...and for a surprise at the end! 

A Lego for Every Holiday! 

Lego Centerpiece

This fun centerpiece is made entirely from Lego minifigs. (Do we spot some 'Harry Potter' characters in there?) It's that perfect balance between cute and nerdy, right down to the gargoyle at the end.

Lego Thanksgiving Feast set

The Thanksgiving set has some rare and unique pieces, including amazing of accessories! It is also one of only two Lego sets ever made that comes with a full turkey (which can't be bought via pick-a-brick).

A Holiday Tradition

Charlie Brown : The Mayflower Voyagers (see note below)

You can find all of the Charlie Brown holiday specials, as well as several extras (like 'the Mayflower Voyagers' above) on this DVD collection.  It's one that my children have watched over and over again...making it a holiday tradition for almost every holiday!

Who knows anything about making stop-motion animation??? There is a dearth of good Lego-holiday-themed movies on YouTube, and I'm challenging my readers to fill that need! Come back and share them with us, please!!  And if you know how to do Lego movies, would you consider helping us to write a tutorial, as a guest blogger?

If you missed yesterday's Life Skills unit, be sure to check it out!

You can download the Lego Thanksgiving & Christmas packs for FREE through the form below.  We ask that you do not share the files, but direct your friends to our page.  If you like them, these two packs, as well as the other ten months of the year, can be found individually at our Educents store.  There are also several other Lego-themed products, and a bundle pack at a lower price.