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Tuesday, October 28

Spiderwebs (No Doubt)

Your child's trick-or-treat bag will be a hodgepodge of candy........Crunch bars, Reese cups, Nerds, licorice, a couple of erasers and pencils, gumdrops, etc.  Think of today's post as your bloggy-trick-or-treat bag!  It's a Halloween hodgepodge!

That's so GROSS!

Nothing gets kids interested in science quite like nasty we pulled out our Magic School Bus science kit about Bacteria & Fungi this week.  As you can see from the before picture, we were testing how effective the following are : 
  • (1) toothpaste at killing mouth bacteria 
  • (2)  antibiotic cream at killing skin bacteria 
  • (3)  soap at killing skin bacteria 
  • (4)  how much live bacteria was in our yogurt 
  • (5)  who had the dirtiest toe jam
I think it's safe to say we need to explore new options for soap and toothpaste.  Even our toes were cleaner!!!

Ticks, and Spiders, and Bugs...Oh My!

As part of our Cub Scout activities, we have been studying different types of spiders, and whether they are venomous or not.  Here is a handy little chart to help you identify that little bugger hanging by the front door...
Also, this is a bad time of year for ticks...those little hitch-hikers that like to latch on during your afternoon hike or frolic in the freshly-raked leaves.  Here is a recipe for using essential oils to help prevent hitch-hiking.

Spider Socks

Finally, we found a use for mis-matched socks.  These little guys will scare the socks off of you!  They're super-easy to make, too - the kids made these.
Start with a sock (I had some mis-matched black socks, but you can use any color).  Roll the sock up all the way so that it makes a tight little bun, with the toe seam at the middle.  Poke a hole through the middle and thread a piece of string or elastic through the hole...tie a knot to hold it there.  Take 8 black pipe-cleaners and bend them to create legs.  Hot glue these to the sides of your sock roll.
Hot glue googly-eyes to the front of your spider.  Tie a hook at the top of your string, and hang up your spider!  We used elastic, so that the spiders bounce a little.  The kids strung four of these in a row near the door, and scared the heck out of me in the middle of that first night!

Look for more nifty kid crafts over at Cullowhee Creates (a fairly new site).

Orange & Black - the colors of the season

Have you ever wondered how orange and black became the official colors of Halloween?  I know that I have....and if you have the answer, please squelch my curiosity by leaving it in the comments section below!  My orange theory is that it derived from all of the harvested pumpkins.  The jury's still out on the derivation of black...other than maybe it's the darkest / creepiest color?
My youngest is just getting into Legos, and he put together this black bat all by himself!  And these are the last five pumpkins from the huge, continual harvest that we came home to back in July.
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