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Tuesday, October 7

Cleopatra, Queen of De-Nial (Pam Tillis)

The autumn weather is beautiful outside, and we're coming to the close of our Ancient Egypt unit, so we took the classroom outside today!  But before heading out, we made some models of the pyramids and Sphinx from Legos.
In our current book, The Golden Goblet, the characters live in open-air houses, with courtyards.  The boys spent the morning building their own home out of bamboo and sheets.  It came out pretty well! 
As the sun rose, they moved over to the playground, in the shade of the trees.  We have a playground, but it's really the sand that gets played with the most.  This time, they built the Valley of the Kings deep in the playground sand.  They pulled out some trinkets to bury with the pharaohs, and set booby-traps for any tomb robbers that might stumble along.  
While mom cooked lunch, they created these cute little paper pyramids and Sphinx (link below).  A few episodes of Tutenstein, and then we finished reading our book on the front porch swing.  On days like today, with the relaxed learning atmosphere, it's sweet to be a homeschooling family.

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