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Tuesday, September 30

Walk Like an Egyptian (Bangles)

Continuing on our tour of Ancient Egypt, we are getting into the period of pharaohs, mummies, and pyramids.  This week, we are reading Mummies in the Morning, from the Magic Tree House series.  We will also begin The Golden Goblet, and my oldest is reading the Kane Chronicles series (by the same guy that wrote the Percy Jackson series).
For science, we built the Nile River out of clay, so that we could learn about how the flooding of the Nile River affected the agriculture of Egypt.  It's also time to begin the seeds for our winter garden, and I always say, "work smarter, not harder!"  We put potting soil around the Nile River, planted our seeds, and VOILA!  Killing two birds with one stone.
We'll probably flood the Nile River a little more often than occurs in Egypt, just to keep the seeds healthy.  The boys even used these little Egyptian toys from a Toob to decorate the soil!
In between creating the Nile River out of clay, and waiting for it to set up, we created these pharaoh crowns.  The red one is the crown of Upper Egypt, and the white is the crown of Lower Egypt...wearing both together signifies ruling a unified nation.  And if you have any other questions, ask the boys - they can tell you more than I can about the significance of each trinket on the crowns...

We topped off the week by taking Daddy on a trip to the Egyptian collection at the Mabee-Gerrer Museum, where we explored the world of mummies and canopic jars.  We even saw mummified cats and birds!  Upon returning home, the oldest set out to make himself a special mask that goes on the sarcophagus of the pharaoh.  It turned out to be a little harder than expected, but was still quite detailed.  All in all, it's been a pretty good week!

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