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Thursday, September 18

Courtesy of the Red, White & Blue (Toby Keith)

Last week, I wrote a post with this paragraph....which irritated some folks.  Good!  It means someone's reading...
"I say all of that to say this - the "greatest generation" had their own problems, to be sure.  But they were a generation of do-ers.  They acted on problems.  Our generation seems to think that we can talk a problem to death...but no one wants to act on it.  Perhaps we should take this lesson from the past - actions DO speak louder than wordsWe, as a nation, need to remember what happened, and continue to act on it."
I'd like to speak to this a bit further, using another country singer as a guide.  Why is it that most of the current patriotic songs are by country singers?
Toby Keith says, "we'll put a boot in your ..., it's the American way!"  Now, to be fair, once, it was the American way...but not so much anymore.  Is it the fault of the people?  The government?  The bureaucratic red tape?  Who can say?
See...these days, in order to do what the song says, we would have to first find the boot.  It must be a boot that meets everyone's approval, and we'll need to pay a fair price for it.  We'll probably have to wait on it to arrive in a cargo bin from China.  Then we need to have another vote to be sure that this is the boot we want to use. 
Next, we'd have to proposition the ... and make sure that it's okey-dokey with the point of entry.  Is it ok for the boot to enter here?  Is there a time, or place, that might be better?  Before entering, we'll also need to remember to apologize profusely to the ... for anything we might have done to defend ourselves from them in the past.  Ever.  Even if it was purely defense, as opposed to provocation. 
NO!  This is not how our grandparents' generation did things.  When I said that we should be more like them, I meant that we should grab the boot on our own front porch and go do something with it!  Quit talking about the problem and get on with the solution!   

I do realize that many, many people enlist and serve their country.  We are most appreciative to them, and I respect them immensely.  I have several family members that are active military.  We need them.  But, as a whole, we have become a nation of talkers and appeasers, rather than do-ers.  We need to start taking action.  When we see a problem, we need to help become the solution, rather than sitting around talking and hoping that someone else will do something about it.  (And we need to be like this in all aspects of living, not just military defense.  Too many people expect handouts these days....rather than a hand-up.) 
The world was built on the rise and fall of empires.  When the citizens become complacent, the status quo begins to shift.  And if your empire isn't rising....................
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