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Tuesday, September 23

Coat of Many Colors (Emmylou Harris)

The first unit in our World of Adventure curriculum is about Ancient Egypt.  We started with Genesis, and the story of Joseph and his brothers.  I found this old bible that my aunt gave me as a young girl, and the pictures are wonderful for reading aloud together!
Neither of the boys was interested in being a slave, but they both wanted to be pharaoh.  We studied the unification of the Upper and Lower Egyptian kingdoms and created our own double crown.  Lately, they've been taking turns being the pharaoh - and being the boss.  Another lesson they've learned is that even the pharaoh himself had to listen to his momma...
Moving through time, we came to Ramses II and the story of Moses.  Everyone knows that Moses was found floating down the Nile in a boat made of we made our own reed boat!  We cut two-foot long pieces of grass from the field and lashed them together to fashion a crude raft. 
As part of our unit study, we have been reading Seasons of the Sandstorms, a Magic Tree House book that takes Jack & Annie to life in the desert.  We also watched The Ten Commandments, with Charlton Heston.
If you're planning to study the Old Testament, here are a few free resources to get you started.  Everything listed below is a free download.


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