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Monday, August 11

Evening Kitchen (Band of Horses)

We're in the calm before the storm - the lull that comes just before another long trip.  Relaxation and peace are my top priorities this week...

There's nothing like a little family time on a hot, humid summer evening.  To kick off our new home economics unit (and because we needed dinner), I let the boys go to the Build-A-Menu site and pick out a recipe for the evening.  The only rule was that I wasn't going shopping...
We ended up having chicken parmesean, completely made by the oldest, and the youngest helped clean up the kitchen.  Like the Wonder Pets used to chant from my living room - "what's gonna work?  Teeeeeeeeeam-work!"  House rule is that if you cook, the other cleans.  It only seems fair.  (Boy I wish that were enforceable with hubbies...)
After cleaning up the kitchen, we checked on the turtle and took a long walk around the property together, singing silly songs from long ago, like Raffi's "Down by the Bay ," and coming up with new, funnier, rhymes.  We walked until the mosquitoes won their battle, and then retreated.
While little one and I had been cleaning the kitchen, the chef created some wire sculptures from bread ties.  Here is his "Super Vir."  I love how he takes that Latin and just applies it to....everything.  (ah, funny story - Grandpa had hurt his mouth last week.  You need to know that the Latin word for mouth is 'os.'  He asked "what happened to Grandpa's OS?" pretty loudly in a restaurant.  only, os came out a little...differently.   You do the math; and remember, loud question - crowded restaurant.)
We crawled up on the hammock out back and read together for a while.  Since we are starting a mini-unit on the Civil War, we were reading We Were There at the Battle of Gettysburg .  I love the older children's books - with so few pictures, they're very visual and encourage imagination. 
The sun finally set - isn't it amazing to think that, when you watch a sunset, you're doing a somersault backwards into space at a thousand miles per hour???
How does your family spend a relaxing evening together?
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