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Tuesday, July 1

Lust for Life (Iggy Pop)

Staying fit on the road can be a challenge in itself.  There's the task of finding healthy foods, which I addressed in a couple of earlier posts.  You also want to make sure everyone is getting some exercise.  (CDC Children's Guidelines) All of that sitting in the car can really affect your health. 
Fitness Unit Study
If you're lucky enough to land at a spot that has an on-site fitness center, take advantage of it!  Even walking for thirty minutes will do your body, mind, and mood a world of good. 
Typically, I don't get a chance to visit the fitness center alone, so we check the PBS schedule to see when Wild Kratts will be on tv.  Kids' shows tend to come on in the early afternoon, when the fitness center is empty.  Most folks don't like to see kids in there, so if others are trying to workout, we will come back when it's empty.  Occasionally, we can go hiking or for a long walk in the area, but this is our guaranteed PE time.

If there is an on-site pool, that makes for great PE / family fun time, too!  Unfortunately, most of our stops do not have pools, or have outdoor pools that feel like the Arctic Ocean.  We always pack swimsuits, though, because you never know!
If you're just out of luck, there are always things that you can do in the hotel room to get your body moving.  Bring a beach ball (easy to pack & always useful for swimming pool fun) and toss it around.  Chances are slim that the beach ball will break anything in the room, and if y'all get too rowdy, there's probably a swatch of grass somewhere out back to play catch.  Stretch bands are also easy to pack, and great for toning exercises.  As an added bonus, the kids think that they're fun toys!
Both Shape and SELF magazines publish monthly tear-out fitness cards for aerobic and toning exercises.  I have a friend that puts them into a binder, but I laminated a few** and popped them onto a key ring.  The kids and I will take turns choosing one and doing the moves together.
Some days, you're going to sit all day and not get any exercise.  You're going to feel 'blah.'  On those days, make an effort to get some mental exercise!  For me, it's Brain Games and Chocolove .  Chocolate fixes everything, right? 

 My boys love the Wild Kratts.  It's humorous, educational show that I feel comfortable with them watching while I have a chance to recharge my body and mind.  It's cute enough that I often find myself watching, too, and the boys have learned incredible amounts of animal facts from it!  We have to coordinate with the local programming, but if you have a tablet or something portable that streams, PBS will allow you to stream their programming.

**A note about laminating - you can often find cheap laminators, but my experience has been that you get what you pay for.  The Fellowes Saturn2 125 Laminator has been worth every penny that we paid for it.  We use it for game boards, pieces, worksheets / forms that will be reused, etc.  If you're in the market for a laminator, I recommend this one.**
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