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Friday, July 25

Life is a Dream (Thorinshield)

When you're laying down to sleep in a new place, does the bed ever feel like this?  I don't know about you, but it took a while for my children to become accustomed to sleeping in strange places.  At first, they wanted to crowd in with us, for that security.  Just for the record, Dad can sleep through anything
We needed a new tack.  Outside noises, from the streets and the hotel hallway alike, seemed to be a big trigger.  So we started using a Homedic sound machine.  I remember my parents travelling with one of these when we were younger.  It helps to muffle sound with white noise.  As an added bonus, if Dad gets up early for work, his 'morning noises' don't wake the kids!
Also, we found that leaving the bathroom light on, with the door cracked, created a nightlight that gave them more security.  It's too much light for me, but a simple mask fixes that.  Even if you're not Holly Golightly , you'll still probably sleep better with a basic sleep kit , quirky sleep mask, or cute kitty mask.
Once we got them sleeping in their own beds, there was the issue of who was kicking, pulling all the blankets, or just breathing too loudly.  Sorry....I still don't have a good solution for that one!
 Sleep mask :  $5
Sound machine : $20
Everyone getting a good night's sleep and enjoying the next day : Priceless
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