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Monday, July 21

A Pirate Looks at Forty (Jimmy Buffett)

Have you seen the LEGO Movie?  If not, it's very cute, and I recommend it.  One of the short-featured aspects of the new movie is a character called Metalbeard and his ship, the Sea Cow.  Gander a guess at what my children believe they absolutely cannot live without??? 
Let's just say that we are turning this desperate 'want' into some teaching opportunities.  First, financially, they are earning every single dollar of that $250 + tax.  We have a little notebook where we keep track of their paid chores (because they also have daily, required, non-paid chores) and how much they have earned.  This is their checking account. 
Should they choose to buy something smaller in the meantime, money will be removed from the balance...and when they reach $250, I'll probably spot them the tax.  Yes, it's not real-world, but the lesson will still remain. 
Our history and geography lessons have been influenced by Metalbeard, too.  We picked up the book Pirate Diary and began with that, then followed it up with several pirate-related books & movies. 
Since everything seemed to be set in the Carolinas, we did state studies for North and South Carolina using the Notebooking Pages units.  If you've never used Notebooking Pages, they are appropriate for upper elementary to secondary, and have a unit for just about everything.
In addition to art and wood shop projects, we dressed as pirates, wore pirate tattoos, ate like pirates (hardtack, anyone?), and talked like pirates.  Go all "Miss Frizzle" on your kids once in a while....they'll LOVE it!

Have your own Pirate Adventure!
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