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Thursday, June 19

The Bug (Mary Chapin Carpenter)

Oh me, oh my.  Like MCC says, "sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug."  This time, we were the bug!  We left Niagara Falls quite early and drove across New York state (and it's a BIG state!) to visit Fort Ticonderoga.
After a few hours of learning about Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys, the French & Indian War, and the War of 1812, we were ready to hit the road.  We made a quick stop to the museum store and headed out.....sans credit card.  There was a glitch with the computers, and somewhere amid the confusion, we did not get our card back.
Several hours of windy mountain roads later, somewhere in Vermont, we realized that we were going to be strapped for cash!  Backtracking was out of the question, as our time was limited, so we kept moving forward and began making alternate plans. 
We ended up in the town of Middlebury, VT for the evening.  It's a quaint town with interesting people and many things to do within walking distance of town.  There is so much history there, and so many art galleries, that we were able to have a fantastic walking tour of the city for free!  We ended up in a local pizza joint that served all-organic, locally-grown foods at a very reasonable (read - regular 'fast food') price.
Our hotel was the same cost as any old chain hotel, but with quadruple the charm!  We kicked up our heels and relaxed as a family on the porch all evening.  The front desk manager entertained the kids with stories of Ethan Allen re-enactments at Fort Ticonderoga during his younger days.  They loved it!  He also took them on the hotel's VERY old elevator, and taught them to operate it.

All in all, we came out okay.  Two days later, we got a hold of Fort Ticonderoga, and they were very friendly and helpful.  Our card was overnighted, the hold was removed, and we were back in business!  The only reason we were able to stay cool, though, was because of our emergency resources.  If you are travelling, make sure to have some sort of back-up plan in case you, too, suffer brain fog and leave your credit card behind... 
Has this ever happened to you?  Surely we aren't the only ones that have done this!

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