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Saturday, June 21

Life in a Northern Town (Dream Academy)

Middlebury, Vermont.  Until today, it was unknown to us, but we could stay here forever.  (Or until the winter snows hit...whichever comes first!)  So how did we get here? 
We left Fort Ticonderoga and headed for the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, but they were closing.  And we were tired.  It was time for an unplanned crash-landing.  Luckily for us, the first hotel we stopped at reeked of smoke and curry, so we had to move a bit further down the road to this little slice of paradise...

Fun stuff from Middlebury, VT :
We found a room at a the Middlebury Inn, a historic site that's not nearly as expensive as you might think!  The rooms are three times the size of a typical hotel room, the atmosphere is relaxed and inviting, and it's a just a short walk to town.  The kids were excited about getting "a hotel that's also a museum!!"  The inn is full of antiques from it's past lives.
Seriously, check out the size of these rooms!!!  There was even enough space to practice the ballroom dancing that my son has been doing.
 Dinnertime was fast approaching, so we asked the front desk for a recommendation (locals always know the best joints), and headed out along the train tracks for some special pizza.  This place used only organic, locally-grown ingredients, and had reasonable prices.  Good deal.
After dinner, we went exploring.  The weather was perfect, and the area is beautiful!  We discovered waterfalls, the church from the hotel lobby postcard, and the world's largest Adirondack chair.
We wanted to explore the hotel as well, and headed back to look at their antiques and photos.  The boys got a lesson in operating the 19th century elevator, discovered a room full of "cool, old books," and sat down for evening tea in the parlor.
Mom and Dad made an executive decision to take tea out to the wrap-around porch, where we relaxed and watched a perfect sunset.  It was one of those nights that leaves you incapable of believing there isn't some higher power.

We were pleased to have company from the gentleman working the front desk.  It was a slow night, and he kept the boys entertained with chocolate malts and stories of his trips to Fort Ticonderoga as a child.  Together, the three re-enacted various battles while we watched with amusement.  He was as excited as the boys! 
He also told us about the supposed ghosts and hauntings at the inn.  Not to fear - the only unusual things I encountered were these 'ghosts' that came out of the closet and after their Daddy.  Funny thing about these ghosts...they happened to be quite ticklish!
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