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Wednesday, June 18

Free Fallin' (Tom Petty)

And I'm FREE....Free Fallin'!  This came on the radio today, and our youngest was in the backseat singing, quite boisterously, when it occurred to me that HE was singing, "and I'm TREE....Tree Pollen!"  I love the innocence of children!  With severe respiratory allergies, he knows all about tree pollen, but not-so-much about free falling.  A side trip to Niagara Falls quickly cured that! 
We headed directly from the Great Lakes Science Center and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to Niagara Falls.  Talk about a LONG day in the car!!
Without passports for the kids, we were limited to the New York side of Niagara Falls, but it's still am amazing view. 
If you're able to cross over, take a ride on the Maid of the Mist.  For a higher-than-average admission, you get a free poncho.  More than that, though, you get an exhilarating ride underneath the falls.  My mom took me as a child, and I remember it being a lot of least, for all of us kids!
As you stand beside the falls, imagine what it would have been like to be that first Native American, hundreds or thousands of years ago.  He'd taken his canoe upriver for a peaceful adventure, only to come across these rapids that turn into a series of increasingly-larger waterfalls!  What an experience!
After all of the places that we hit today, everyone is exhausted.  Our short-timer suitcase is upstairs, we have hot tea, and it's time to hit the hay.  Tomorrow brings another adventure in New York!

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