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Sunday, June 29

Beautiful (Carole King)

Whew!  What a weekend!  We drove from Vermont to Pennsylvania, via Boston and New York City.  In the meantime, my personal bag is starting to empty out.  With a week left on this trip, it's time to make do...
Ran out of your favorite spa products?  Or forgot to pack them?  Try these quick cheats from hotel freebies...
DIY - Oatmeal Face Scrub
    • 1 tbsp oats
    • ½ banana (get the brown one - ripe is better, and the hotel is going to toss is anyway)
    • 2 tbsp yogurt (aim for plain)
    • Plastic fork (to mush) & spoon (to measure) 
1.        Wash face with water
2.       Rub oatmeal into skin, especially on dry spots
3.       Rinse face
4.       Mush together yogurt and banana
5.       Apply to face & let sit 15 minutes (will begin to tighten)
6.       Rinse face (moisturize if you want to) 
  • You can use conditioner as a substitute for shaving gel, and the front desk usually has cheap-o razors when you're in a pinch.
  • All those samples you sign up for through the mail?  This is a great time to use those up.  Below are the samples that we brought on this trip.  Lotions, toothpaste, soap...everything in this stack is from the "organic & natural" realm of toiletries.  Just be sure that you aren't allergic to anything - that would be a big spoiler.
  • Save any of the little sample sizes that you don't use for your local shelter or church - you paid for them, and they are always in need of single-size toiletries!
Do you know of any other great cheats?  Send us your ideas!
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