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Friday, May 16

You Can't Always Get What You Want (Rolling Stones)

One of my children has been blessed with the ability to pick up just about anything quite easily.  You know those kids that got through college without ever really studying?  (I sure do.)  He is that type.  But there is one school subject that has never come easily....physical education.  Or sports of any sort, for that matter.
For most folks, field day is a day of outside fun and laughter, with a bit of competition mixed in.  For our family, field day is a lesson in character.  Each year, the area homeschool families gather for a field day, put on by a couple of the nicest PE teachers you'll meet.  Some years, it's a muddy mess.  This year happened to be a perfect, Carolina-blue sky day.
I'm going to make it very easy for you to find my children....look at the back of each group of racers.
Finally, the last race came up - the hurdles.  The word "hurdle" made me cringe during high school track, but my oldest loves the challenge.  He had come in last place in every single race thus far, but kept on giving it everything he had.
It paid off!  He got fifth place (he'll be the first to point out that there were only five runners in his heat), and is incredibly proud of that green ribbon.  He deserves to be!  In the past, he would have quit trying after losing so many races.  He wouldn't have even lined up to run. 

He's learning that he can't always win, or even be in the front of the pack, but he CAN improve his own personal best.  Personally, I think he came out a winner.  He's learned a very valuable lesson that will carry him much farther than the 100 meters he ran for this ribbon.
(You might notice that his brother is absent from most of these photos...that would be because he DID give up after coming in last for three races in a row.  All in good time...) 
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