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Monday, May 5

Where It All Begins (Allman Brothers Band)

Oklahoma is the land of extremes....from Super-Snow.........  (credit to A.J.) blood-boiling heat........   (weather images are from 2012/2013 - below credit to News9)
......and who can forget the Quakenado???    We decided that it was time to bust this joint, as a family, and see the world! 

We may never get to Planet B-612...
...but the hubby has a job that allows us to travel to some of the smallest towns in each state...thus allowing for local color and off-track site-seeing!
By and large, the Schoolhouse Rock! version is our favorite of Fifty Nifty United States! It is our goal to visit all fifty!  

Kick off your own trip with a short review of US Symbols & Landmarks (free).
It's a lot easier when all of your daily links are in the same place.  So here are links for various learning sites that we use regularly, as well as some that Mom like to keep on hand...
 Our homeschooling will be centered around this new adventure, and this blog will feature some of our travels, as well as the units that we cover during each trip.  We hope that you enjoy travelling with us!
Many of these units are FREE (click on the links to access them), and I have marked which of the museums / attractions have free admission as well.  There's no need to spend a fortune to homeschool....

That said, on each page you will find links to the various books and curricula that we used in each unit.  Many of them are FREE.  However, should you decide to make a purchase via the link on the page, we will receive 2-4% of the product purchase price.  If you plan to purchase the item, we do hope that you will choose to do so via our reference link. 

Thank you for all of your support, and we look forward to taking this journey with you!!!!!
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