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Tuesday, May 13

Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin)

The 'Polar Vortex' brought a whole new level of cold to so many this year, and it came just as we were knee-deep into a month-long study of Scandinavia & the Arctic Circle.  (Perfect Timing!)  In between sledding sessions and hot chocolate, we did several crafts, wrote home-spun plays, and read together on the couch. 
The kids took particularly to the Vikings and Norse Mythology, and thoroughly enjoyed making Viking costumes for re-enacting the Norse Myths.  (In Kansas, they would use this enthusiasm to convince me of their need for real Viking helmets...)
Craft ideas :
The unit culminated in the creation of a Scandinavian project board for the co-op History Fair.  Cooking is not mom's strength, so we offered up Dansk cookies as a regional food.  If you have a good Scandinavian recipe, please send it through the "Send Us Your Thoughts" link to the right.

Scandinavia & the Arctic Circle unit study: 
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