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Thursday, May 8

What Is and What Never Should Be (Led Zeppelin)

Grand Rapids is one of the largest cities in Michigan, with plenty to offer for adults and kids alike.  If you only have time to stop in one place, however, we recommend the Public Museum of Grand Rapids.  This place is HUGE!!  We likened it to stacking three Walmart Supercenters atop each other...and it appeals to everyone.  If they don't have it, it isn't worth having in a museum!
(this pic was for my Momma...)

The museum is organized alphabetically, with each letter representing a different collection.  Some are tradition, while others are wholly unexpected!
They have everything from Automobiles to Zoology!
Also within the museum is a re-creation of the Streets of Old Grand Rapids back in the 1890s, including several shops based on actual businesses and buildings.  Volunteers work in the various buildings and give hands-on demonstrations.  The kids learned how a printing press operated, about buying and selling at the general store, purchasing cross-country train tickets, gearing up the fire engine & horses, and how the pharmacist made pills from scratch.  At most of the stops, they were able to try their hand at each of the tasks.
On the second floor, there was a special LEGO exhibit!!!  (We are all about Legos at this house.)
Sprinkled throughout the museum are several exhibits on Michigan geography and history.
(Petoskey Stone is the state rock.)
There is a planetarium, but it costs extra, and we chose not to spring for it.

If you're planning to go, you should purchase the museum membership.  For $65, you will receive unlimited access to over 350 museums!!!  (I receive no benefit from telling you this.)

The ASTC (Association of Science & Technology Centers) membership does not include free admission to additional attractions such as special exhibits, planetarium shows, simulator rides or giant-screen films. It also does not usually include museum store discounts.

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