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Monday, May 5

Hey Mr. Spaceman (Byrds)

We drove to Arizona to visit with the grandparents - the drive to Arizona was long and fairly uneventful.  At one point, we stopped in Tucumcari, New Mexico to stretch our legs, and found a couple of  museums, conveniently placed across the street from each other.  

The Mesalands Dinosaur Museum is a fabulous little spot, based out of a community college.  It's worth the time to stop, stretch your legs, and play inside for a bit.  There's even an oil painting of a parent and child triceratops migrating...entitled "Are We There Yet?"  My husband and I appreciated this one the most... 
At the Tucumcari Historical Society, you can journey into early 20th century New Mexico.  There are both indoor and outdoor exhibits here, and several hands-on ones.
During the drive back home, we saw huge wildfires burning at the Mexican border, changed our route, and decided to stopp off at Roswell to check out the extraterrestrials.  There is a giant UFO Museum dedicated to the "UFO Incident," Area 51, and the science and speculation behind them.

The kids chose these books:
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