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Friday, May 9

Them Not-So-Dry Bones (Schoolhouse Rock)

Bones are a fascinating topic in this house!  Whenever we find a dead animal on the property, the first thing that the kids want to do is dissect it and check out it's bones (which occasionally gets to happen, depending on safety).  When we go for nature walks and stumble across a bone, it comes home with us until we can identify it.  Once, my son actually found a fossil, which a museum told him was either a tooth or a claw!!

Dinosaurs & Fossils

The Osteology Museum in Oklahoma City is the largest collection of bone-related exhibits in America.  It's unique exhibits are a great tool for teaching anatomy, biological history, adaptation, or classification.
I love this caption!

Norman, Oklahoma

At the Sam Noble Museum of Natural Science in Norman, there are extensive exhibits on dinosaurs, Native Americans, early Oklahoman history & ecology, and early world history (my son's favorite is the Permian Period, for some reason).  There are usually a couple of travelling exhibits as well.  While there, stop by the Discovery Room, a completely hands-on area for kids to further explore the concepts from the exhibits.

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