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Wednesday, May 7

Spooky (Atlanta Rhythm Section)

Charlton Park, in Hastings, Michigan, is supposedly one of the most haunted places in the area.  But did we know that when we headed down this creepy little path?  Nope.
It's a quaint village that offers a hands-on approach to history.  There are Civil War re-enactments, various historical festivals, and (on the day that we went) an actual REAL paleontologist!!! The kids peppered him with questions for at least an hour!  My two favorite aspects of this village, however, are that it's FREE and that it's totally hands-on.  The kids are encouraged to touch, use, and play with most items in each of the buildings. 
 As we toured the nineteen different buildings, we saw a lot of neat antiques!  Also, the temperature continued to fall and a heavy fog settled over the area...
 At the old hotel, though, a creepy vibe began to set in.  It wasn't anything you could put your finger on, just...a feeling that the house still had a lot of life left in it.  Turns out, this is one of the three most haunted structures on this property.  Go figure.

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