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Tiny Steps

Join us each week in 2015 as we take one tiny step toward better health!

Take one tiny step toward better health each week, for fifty-two weeks, and you'll find yourself happier and healthier by the end of 2015!  Each week, we'll focus on a different topic from one of the following categories : clean eating, staying fit, green cleaning, and spirituality.

Join the Challenge!

Week 3: Mind Games
Week 5: Fun & Games
Week 8: Coming Clean
Week 9: Runaway Train
Week 12: Toxic
Week 13: Make Me Smile
Week 15: The Garden
Week 18: Breathe
Week 20: Relax
Week 21: Shoop
Week 24: When I Grow Up
Week 25: Mr. Heatmiser
Week 26: Home
Week 27: Under Pressure
Week 28: Nightswimming
Week 30: Blueberry Hill
Week 32: Gone Fishin’
Week 34: Take it Easy
Week 36: Mixtape
Week 38: Mad World
Week 41: Meat
Week 44: Put a Lid on It
Week 46: I Walk Alone
Week 47: The Good Life
Week 48: Woman in Chains
Week 49: Fascination

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