Curriculum Reviews

As you read through our visits, you'll notice that we review the places we stop by...pointing out the good, the bad, and the tricks to maximizing your field trip.  This page, however, only has the homeschool curriculum that we have reviewed.  You'll also find a few reviews on our YouTube channel...  

Picking out the "right" curriculum is a battle many homeschool moms face.  We find something wonderful, and then like an ADHD toddler, we see another shiny, new thing that looks wonderful, too!   It is our hope that these reviews will help you with your 'pros' and 'cons' columns.  Good luck!

Full Curriculum
The Good & the Beautiful
K5 Learning
Schoolhouse Teachers

History / Social Studies
Homeschool Legacy Once-a-Week units
Drive Thru History - The Gospels
Drive Thru History - Adventures curriculum
Home School in the Woods - Project Passport (Greece)
Home School in the Woods - A la Carte Adventures
Let's Go, Geography!
YWAM Publishing - Heroes of History
Heirloom Audio - Captain Bayley's Heir
Heirloom Audio - Wulf the Saxon
Time Travelers Series

Science / Math
Fascinating Education - Physics
NatureGlo's eScience
Memoria Press - Book of Trees
Apologia Science - Marine Biology
Novare Science - Introductory Physics
Berean Builders series
Learning About Science

Language Arts
Eclectic Foundations
Carole P. Roman books
Memoria Press - Iliad & Odyssey
Hewitt - Lightning Literature (Shakespeare)

CompuScholar Inc.
Everyday Homemaking
Doctor Aviation
Chara Games - Unauthorized
Innovator's Tribe
Memoria Press - Traditional Logic I and II
ARTistic Pursuits - Art of the Ancients

Character / Special Needs
Northern Speech Services
Forbrain - Sound for Life
Parenting Made Practical
Love, Honor, & Virtue
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