Tuesday, December 4

Ave Maria (Franz Schubert)

Teaching Latin can be daunting to many homeschool moms, but we try to make it fun as often as possible.  The holidays definitely qualify as one of those times!! 

As our children have continued their Latin studies, we've developed some activities and games to practice the language while having fun....here are some that we'll be revisiting this season.  (Stick around...one of you will receive everything below for FREE!)
I can't say the title to this one without starting to hum the classic tune from Meet Me in St. Louis...  Get into the holiday spirit while continuing Latin studies with these twenty-two pages of games, activities, and history!
  • Learn about the history of Christmas and how it derived from Saturnalia.
  • Host a Latin Christmas caroling night (with musical examples).  
  • Send Latin-language Christmas cards.  
  • Read Christmas classics in Latin.  
  • Also included are vocabulary words and a word search.
A Latin Adventure
Further study of Latin with proper nouns, declensions, and everyday use of Latin words and phrases in our modern society. Demonstrated through a fictitious adventure, with interactive components.  Similar to 'Choose Your Own Adventure,' this can be reused multiple times to practice the skills repeatedly.

Study basic Latin concepts with these fun, Lego-themed daily calendar labels. Concepts covered include : months, days, seasons, and weather.  If you're not into Latin, we have one of these for Spanish as well!

Brick-themed Latin Daily Calendar Labels - 1 A Latin Adventure - 1

The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island are excited to bring you the 2018 3rd Annual Winter Is Coming hop.  One lucky winner from this blog will receive a Latin Bundle - include Brick-themed Latin Daily Calendar, Have Yourself a Little Latin Christmas, and A Latin Adventure!

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