Monday, November 26

Ready to Fly (Jamie Grace)

Have I mentioned my children's aversion to math?  Do your kids balk at the thought of equations and numbers, too?  Getting creative and incorporating real-world math into our field trips has been very we're using math on our flight field trip.
Our son is an aviation-lovin'-fool.  We've toured all sorts of aviation and space museums (you can find most of them on our unit study page) - and even wrote up a comprehensive Aviation Unit Study.  When he had the chance to go hang-gliding at Kitty Hawk Kites in North Carolina, he wasn't about to turn it down!!

Did you know that Tom & Jerry helped invent the airplane?

We hiked up to the memorial, where you can see both sides of the Banks for quite a ways...and took a break to enjoy the beautiful day!

One of the planes you can hang-glide from is designed like the Wright Brothers plane.  We got to watch it launch from across the street.  Maybe we'll try this one next time....

Math Questions
Using the information below, create math problems for your student that are age-appropriate.
Some suggestions for use :
  • Elementary kids can calculate distance differences (adding / subtracting).
  • Middle kids can calculate rates of speed or figure out each pilot's average.
  • High school kids can calculate velocity and graph the flights to project a fifth flight.

By the end of the fourth flight, his brain was worn out from all that math!

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