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Tuesday, October 9

Cry Me a River (Ella Fitzgerald)

The Crimean Peninsula is surrounded by the Black Sea and has long been the subject of conflict.  Between 1853 and 1865, the Crimean War was fought here between several groups.  When Russia decided to expand its empire in the 1800s, they overtook this region, which led to the Ottomans declaring war in October 1853.

The reason we associate Florence Nightingale so strongly with this war is that disease was just as deadly as the battlefield in the Crimean War.  Germ theory was very new and many soldiers were dying of infection and disease in the hospitals, too.

Florence Nightingale was an English nurse who dedicated her life to the care of sick and wounded.  She was already working with hospitals in Alexandria and Germany when, in 1854, she organized a unit of women nurses to assist soldiers in the Crimean War.  Her attention to cleanliness and bedside manner both made her a legend among the soldiers.  She became known as "The Lady with the Lamp" because she believed that a nurse's job was 24 hours, night and day.  After the war, she helped establish hospitals for training nurses, such as the Nightingale School.

Florence Nightingale Unit :

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