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Monday, July 30

Where is Niagara Falls?

We left the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and headed to Niagara about a LONG day in the car!!  Without passports for the kids, we were limited to the New York side, but it's still am amazing view. 
Reading through Where is Niagara Falls? together, we were able to revisit this trip as we are already planning a similar adventure for next year.  The book begins with how the falls were formed, and then follows a timeline of exploration by the Native Americans and Europeans.  It chronicles its discovery by tourists, as well as its use by daredevils and scientists.  My kids enjoyed learning how it was used in war history and by Tesla in his experiments.  One of the things we learned about in the book was Fort Niagara, which we'd not known about on our trip......guess where we'll be stopping next time?  Written at a third grade reading level, with short chapters, this makes an excellent read-aloud for the whole family!

About the Book
While traveling through Canada in 1678, a French priest came across the most gigantic waterfalls he'd ever seen. Stricken with both awe and fear, he began to shake, fell to his knees, and prayed. Ever since, people from all over the world have come to explore Niagara: among them the daredevils determined to tumble down or walk across the falls on tightrope. Kids will get a kick reading about the hare-brained stunts and will also learn how the falls were formed and how--one day--they will disappear.

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