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Love, Honor & Virtue {Review}

Our boys have reached a certain age where, ahem, sensitive topics need to be broached, and yet, who wants to do so?  I don't know a parent in the world who would jump up and down with excitement about having 'the talk.'  Thanks to Great Waters Press, and their new book Love, Honor, and Virtue: Gaining or Regaining a Biblical Attitude Toward Sexuality, now I can hand my son a book (which I have read first), let him read it, and then let conversation snippets head where they may....  Possibly not the firmest parenting plan, but one that will work for the next year or so.  Then we'll re-evaluate....or let Daddy take over.

First off, it should be noted that Hal & Melanie are my go-to folks when I have any questions about my own matter what it is, it's probably something they've been through themselves as parents!  They have an excellent podcast, which is both entertaining and informative, several great written resources, and the best gifts for boys!!!  Truthfully, whenever our family attends a homeschool convention, I lose my kids pretty quickly to their booth...they're the ones at the convention with wooden swords and guns, shooting targets, and chain mail.  What boy could resist?!

Love, Honor, and Virtue: Gaining or Regaining a Biblical Attitude Toward Sexuality is about puberty and purity...two things that no son wants to discuss with his mother...and that's why the authors have directed it straight to him.  The narrative speaks directly to your son, and focuses on the Biblical aspects of sex, purity in a very impure world (including topics such as internet pornography), how to fight the sexual demons that society is constantly bombarded with, dusting yourself off and reclaiming a pure mind (after succumbing to a fall), how to approach a young lady, and sex in marriage.  None of these are particularly light topics, but they speak with love and humor, bringing it to a level that will keep your son interested, while trying to take the embarrassment out of the subject.

One of the reasons that I like this book is because of how realistic it is.  They don't vilify sexual desires; they explain the biology behind them.  It addresses everything from early hormonal changes to the actual birth process.  I felt that this was too mature for my almost-12 year old, but just right for my 14 year old.  (You, the parent, however, should make the decision based on your own child's maturity level.)

Another thing I like about the book is the summary section.  I can't speak to all teen boys, but mine seem to have a retention problem.  By glancing over that summary section at the end of the chapter, they are more likely to cement the concepts covered within the chapter.  Similarly, demonstrating their knowledge of the inner workings of a teen boy's mind, the authors address the issues within the book very frankly - not mincing words, or adding unnecessary words - but in an appropriate manner.  There's no need to turn five words into thirty when dealing with my boys -- they're unlikely to listen after the first five anyway.

Finally, although it's not the crux of the book, I like that they address how to form meaningful and lasting relationships with the opposite sex...focusing on building a friendship and foundation.  They bring back the concept of being intentional and principled in relationships.  Can I get a hallelujah from everyone who has watched these millennials text their way from hookup to breakup??  They also frame women as someone's sister / daughter / mother...a perspective that I think many young people need.  (I say young 'people' because it's just as important for young ladies to frame potential suitors as someone's brother / son / father.)

The book comes in paperback, digital, and audiobook format, but it is not recommended to just pop the audiobook in the car and let it play (at least, not without you listening to the whole thing first).  The authors are pretty blunt with their words.  The book is intended for boys aged 12-20, but I would definitely discuss it with those on the younger end of the spectrum.

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