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Tuesday, June 12

Route 66 (Chuck Berry)

View of the “Mother Road” in front of the Boundary Restaurant in Luther, OK
(scroll to bottom for unit study)  

This field trip was born out of a “Wild West” study, actually.  We learned about a daylight double bank robbery by outlaw Henry Starr that took place in Stroud, which is said to be one of the last outlaw robberies to take place in the Wild West.  We wanted to read up and learn more on that, but through that, a Route 66 field trip was born.  We decided to focus not only on Oklahoma history, but on how important preservation of history is as well as the importance of taking care of the land and land marks for future generations.
When in Stroud, OK, you must stop at the Rock Cafe, even if it is just to snap a pic (though the food is delish, too).  It was one of the inspirations for the movie Cars, and since I have two boys, this was a great photo op.  A bit further down the road, near Arcadia, the Rt. 66 Museum Service Station Museum was an accidental gem of a find.  This museum is absolutely delightful; full of quirky artifacts full of fun history lessons!
The Skyliner Motel in Stroud is perfect for someone who loves vintage neon signs and well-preserved history!  Nearby, we found “Filmore,” from the movie Cars, at the Rt. 66 Service Station Museum near Luther…again because Cars and boys!
The Boundary Restaurant in Luther, OK (boasts best BBQ)—we actually stopped here on a whim trying to find something else but it had such a beautiful view of 66 with no interruptions I couldn’t resist snapping a quick pic.
Here are the historic marker from the Rock Cafe in Stroud and a map of OK Rt. 66 at the Route 66 Interpretive Center in Chandler, OK…this place was super neat with interactive video displays!  We decided to stop here because we got addicted to Route 66 in the planning process and wanted to learn as much as possible! The Historical Society Museum in Chandler is also a great place to visit!

Route 66 Resources...

Seven Fun Facts About Route 66 
  1. In 1937, there was a change in alignment of Route 66 in Albuquerque, NM. There is an intersection downtown at Central Avenue and 4th Street where Route 66 crosses itself. 
  2. Get Your Kicks on Route 66 was written by Bobby Troup. In 1946, Nat King Cole recorded it. It has since been recorded by bands such as the Rolling Stones and Depeche Mode. 
  3. Kansas has only 13 miles of Route 66, but is home to three historic towns. They are Baxter Springs, Galena, and Riverton. 
  4. 85% of Route 66 is still driveable. 
  5. It took five interstate highways to replace Route 66; I-55, I-44, I-40, I-15, and I-10. 
  6. The last original Route 66 road sign was taken down in Chicago on January 17, 1977. * The first McDonalds was located in San Bernardino, CA in 1945 on Route 66. 
  7. The first town that you come to on Route 66 in Oklahoma is Quapaw, OK. Quapaw is famous for “spooklights.” “Spooklights” are bright balls of white light that bounce around. They have been reported since the 1700ʼs.
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