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Friday, May 4

You Were Always On My Mind (Willie Nelson)

Today's post is a digression from homeschooling to focus on family. 

This week celebrates the birthday of two very important people from my past, Auntie S. & Miss M.  You see, for several years, my life was crumbling, my soul floundering, and there was no guidance at a time when a young girl needs it most.  I prayed constantly for something to change, and God provided when my uncle married and brought a spunky red-head to be my new aunt.

She taught me to weather the stormy seas with classic rock and a paintbrush.  She introduced me to George & Gracie.  She loved me unconditionally, but if she started a sentence with "Baby girl..." I knew I'd done wrong. 

When my husband and I moved across the country to start our new life, she was my biggest supporter.  And when my first child was born, her first words were, "Did you ever know you could love someone so much?"  Sadly, through the years and miles, we have fallen out of touch, but as she and her daughter celebrate their birthdays, I offer up a prayer of thanks.
So Auntie S. & Miss M....Happy Birthday!   This one's for you!

In honor of Auntie S., today's resources are art-based :
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