Tuesday, May 29

Why Wyoming (Kellie Coffey)

Travelling from South Dakota to Colorado, we passed through southeastern Wyoming.  There isn't a lot to do in the area (at least, not much that's visible to passers-by), but we found this neat Stagecoach Museum in the town of Lusk.  We were greeted by a two-headed calf...........very unique!!
The museum houses relics from the 19th-and 20th-centuries, when Lusk was a notorious cow town and busy homesteader area.  There are dinosaur fossils, found in the area, as well as wildlife exhibits.
Outside the museum, we found a small town setting and some more petrified wood!
The general store was a wealth of old-fashioned inspiration!  I love looking around at all of the old things and getting ideas for how to tweak them and use them today.
It's road-school, so we stopped into the old one-room schoolhouse for a quick lesson from our teacher for the day.
Being a hot day, we had to try out the old-fashioned Coca-Cola machine....with a five cent bottle of pop!
The second floor of the museum features an authentic stagecoach that was used on the Cheyenne to Black Hills Stage and Express Line, carrying passengers and gold.  It was even robbed by road agents and shot at by Indians!!

Wyoming State Study

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