Monday, May 14

Tulip Time (Andrews Sisters)

Holland Museum

We kicked off our trip to Michigan with a trip to Holland, home of all things Dutch!  Our trip even coincided with Tulip Time, the biggest festival of the year!
At the Holland Museum, we learned about the area Anishanabek Native Americans and the stormy seas of Lake Michigan. 
We saw things that the Dutch settlers brought with them (including a pewter spork!), and found this impressive bronze clock that demonstrated the Dutch governmental tiers.

Nelis Dutch Village 

From there, we headed to Nelis Dutch Village, a hands-on step back into time.  Children and adults alike can learn about the daily lives of 19th century Dutch immigrants. 
After visiting the Wooden Shoe, the farmer's wife taught us about animal husbandry and cheese-making.
We learned that Black Pietr brings gifts, rather than Sinterclauss.

 The dancers perform several times each day.
At the weigh-house, you can learn about measurement techniques, and even weigh yourself!

We learned how to make wooden shoes, both by hand and machine.


See that one red flower in there?  That's me!

The zip line is kid-friendly and a definite must-do!!!  It is located right beside the FREE carousel.

Windmill Island  :  Although weather kept us from visiting this spot, we recommend it to those visiting the area.


The Transplanted Southerner said...

Lovely! It sounds like you had a wonderful time :)

Yvie Field said...

It was! We are looking forward to getting back there when the next MI contract comes up.