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Friday, May 18

Custer (Johnny Cash)

After leaving Mount Rushmore, we were hot and tired.  But in a good way!  We headed out just a little ways and came upon the town of Custer.  This is a cute little town that's perfect for an day stop!
PizzaWorks, in downtown Custer, has fabulously delicious, handmade pies!  We enjoyed watching the pizza makers throw the dough, and took forever to determine which of the umpteen toppings to select!  The air conditioning was pretty sweet, too!
The Custer Museum showcases the history of this region of South Dakota, all the way from the earliest Native American tribes to today.  We also loved walking through actual historic sites, each with their own little history lesson above the door...such as this one at a main street cafe.
Admittedly, the rock shop two doors down from the pizza place was the boys' favorite stop in this town!  They have all kinds of rocks.  Not only that, but they have educational information about most of them, and the shop owners are extremely knowledgeable about their goods.  They spent over an hour talking geology, rocks, and minerals with the boys.  If you have extra time, I recommend this rock shop over some of the others!  (Unfortunately, I can't remember the name, but it's two doors down on the same side of the street as the pizza joint.)  
Check it out - the Rock Shop even has a clearance table!!!  My husband can find Martin Luther King Jr drive in any city (seriously...and always by accident), but the kids and I can find the clearance table in any store.  It's a gift!  We also popped into the Naked Winery, across from PizzaWorks, but didn't take any pictures there....not for the reasons you're thinking!  They are actually set up for entire families to enjoy the atmosphere, with chocolates and juice for the kids.  

No unit study today.....just enjoying a small, South Dakotan town!  If you want to find a related unit study, check out the one on General Custer and the Battle at Little Big Horn.
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