Thursday, April 26

Should I Stay or Should I Go? (Clash)

Our Fun Friday field trip plans fell by the wayside, as we got caught up in all of the schools' end-of-year field trips.  The original plan was to visit the Oklahoma Aquarium and learn about marine science, however we quickly realized that they were at capacity shortly after opening. 

Next, we attempted to visit the Tulsa Zoo, where there is a travelling Zoorassic Park exhibit (animals AND dinosaurs!), but it, too, was quickly filled by a multitude of emptying school buses.  (And by multitude, I mean that the kids counted no less than sixty in the parking lot.)  It was so crowded that we had to make our own cattywampus parking space...

After driving around Tulsa all morning, the natives were getting restless....and hungry.  We stopped off for a quick bite and happened upon one of those local artsy newspapers over lunch.
The Colors of Mayfest???  It said it was free, and we couldn't stomach the thought of driving all the way back home with no FUN in our Fun Friday, so we said "eh, why not give it a shot?"  What we found was a master class in the arts - glassblowing, all types of painting & drawing, pottery throwing, glassworks, leather tooling, and countless other types of fine arts were exhibited in tiny, white tents.  Four stages had live musical performances going on, and a Kids Zone offered up five or six different craft activities and an area for them to dig up fossils, and they got to keep one!
While there were numerous shopping-only tents, the kids actually gravitated toward the artists.  Many of the folks we stopped and talked with were enthusiastic about answering the boys' questions, and spent a good deal of time chatting with them. 
One of those memory booths was set up in the festival corner, and we got a little silly!

The youngest found a spin-a-wheel and won several boxes of pasta and bag full of fun trinkets from the company, which put him in a great mood for the rest of the day. 
Sometimes, you have to scrap the playbook.  Although nothing went as planned, and we had to keep leaving one activity in search of another, the weather was beautiful, the kids were happy, we had our friends with us, and the day turned out perfectly! 
 One artist the boys found particularly interesting was John Bramblitt, a blind painter who lost his sight in an accident, who was thrilled to answer all of their questions.

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Anonymous said...

Love field trips like this! So many activities going on that we aren't aware of and adults are usually willing to share their knowledge with interested younger folks!