Monday, April 23

River (Emeli Sande)

Tulsa has plenty of hidden gems!  One is the Port of Catoosa, located just north of the city, and another is the Blue Whale (a classic Route 66 roadside attraction.)  It's easy to go explore around your city, as well as to incorporate child-directed learning in with those excursions.  

Here are two examples from today's field trip...

Whales Unit Study

A classic Route 66 roadside attraction, the Blue Whale has been greeting families since the 1970's.
It's easy to imagine families enjoying a picnic at these whale-themed tables, or climbing on the whale itself, which was once a popular swimming hole.  You could climb the ladder to use his tail as a diving board, slide down his fins, or simply jump off of him.  What a fun side trip from being in the car on a hot day!

Sadly, due to liability concerns, no one is allowed to use this area for swimming anymore, and the whale's popularity has faded.  He has been relegated to little more than a roadside whimsy and memories for older folks.

Port of Catoosa
At the Port of Catoosa, you can go into a towboat and walk around the engine room.  They offer a free tour (book here) for both small groups and classrooms.
Did you know that there are 25,000 miles of inland river system used for transportation in the United States?  Products can leave the Tulsa Port of Catoosa on the waterway and be shipped anywhere in the world!
Just like trucks are transporting goods on the highways and trains are transporting goods on the rail system, towboats pushing barges are transporting goods on this “highway of water.”  At this maritime center, you can learn about the history, engineering, and science behind the river systems.

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