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Monday, April 2

I See the Rain (Marmalade)

Rain, rain, go away......... 
Ok, not really.  We desperately need the rain here in rural Oklahoma.  However, _I_ did not need it today.  Do you ever feel this way?  Plans are made, and then something comes along and up-ends everything...  Maybe everyone has cabin fever, it's a bad morning, or you just need a break from the everyday curriculum.  Or maybe, like me, all that you had planned today needed to be done outside. 

Rainy days aren't pretty, but they offer an opportunity for reflection.  Maybe, what we really need to do is take a day off from the routine, and focus on family togetherness.
Make a table fort & camp indoors
Conduct science experiments with kitchen basics
Study geography with empty boxes
Cook with the kids (it's math!)
Play hopscotch in the hallway


It rains a lot in the UK, so I'm going to take the Rainy Day Mum as a bit of an expert.  She offers 101 Rainy Day Activities to do with the kids when everyone is stuck indoors.

And remember, after the rain comes the rainbow.
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