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Monday, April 16

Downtown (Petula Clark)

Between the rain, and the road fatigue, we haven't left the hotel in two days.  The good news is that we've accomplished most of our workbook & reading activities for the week!  However, our little kitchen was no longer satisfying, so we headed out for an unplanned afternoon.

Exploring Downtown resources
We drove past this cute little covered bridge, one of many in the immediate area, and headed into downtown Springfield, VT to see what we could see.  Trivia : Did you know that Vermont is where the Simpsons was based?  At the Chamber of Commerce, you can have your picture taken with them.
Springfield is a cute, quaint little New England town, tucked in the hills just off I-91.  We took a nice, long walk around town and stumbled upon a used bookstore...AND it was having a going-out-of-business sale!  Not good for the store, but we had fun picking out new books together.
Continuing on our walk, we came upon the local library, and decided to pop in to check out their book sale, knock out the day's math & spelling, and see what fun things they had in their kids' section.
We were getting hungry, and decided to ask some local folks about the best place to grab some lunch.  Our experience has been that the locals know the places with the best food, and we always ask for someplace that's not in every single tourist brochure.  They directed us across the highway (and across the state line) to a local pizza joint in Charlestown, New Hampshire.
En route to lunch, we were sidetracked again by a local thrift store that was having a huge sidewalk sale.  Clearly, this was going to be a late-schoolwork day.  I gave each of the kids fifty cents, with the option of spending it or saving it for a later date.  The youngest found a glass shaped like the CN Tower in Toronto (which we just spotted over Niagara Falls a few days ago), and still had change to spare!
Finally, we made it to lunch, and it was pretty good!  The House of Pizza sits directly in front of the Ice Cream Shack, which serves hand-made ice creams that are made daily.  The flavors run the gamut from vanilla and chocolate to maple syrup and molasses crinkle....yum!
After all that pizza and ice cream, we needed another walk!  The boys had seen some strange-looking cliffs that interested them, so we headed back to the hotel and walked the half-mile to them.  They studied the rock structure, and took notes, drawings, and samples.  Afterward, we used the computer to research their find and discovered that it was shale.  Though we don't have shale in Oklahoma, it's quite common in this area.
It started raining again, so we high-tailed it back to the hotel, where they were just setting out fresh cookies!  Many hotel chains serve fresh-baked cookies every afternoon.  They're delicious, and it requires a lot of willpower to resist the mouthwatering aromas day after day...but we'd just had ice cream, so we got straight down to business.  It was time to finish the day's schoolwork - the completion of our Ethan Allen unit study. 
Tomorrow, we head off to another location with new adventures.  Another day, another state!
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