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Friday, March 16

Ready or Not (Fugees)

Y'all know we're a scouting family.  The boys joined back when they were Tigers (before the invention of Lions), and one of them has already reached Eagle Scout rank.  We've always looked at scouting as a combination of :
  • Manhood training (boys need this -- it's very important!)
  • Career introduction (each of the merit badges allows him to explore a career opportunity that interests him and / or introduce him to ones he may not have known)
  • Survival training (this is where it ties into the "prepper" trend...and it's just that...a movement that's trendy right now and picking up speed due to the world's unrest)
All three of these aspects are important for our young men to experience.  In the case of homeschooling kids, it also offers a regular socialization opportunity among peers.  

Preparedness is really nothing more than looking down the road and considering all options.  
  1. Do you have a savings account?  
  2. Do you have more than a day's food in the house?  
  3. Do you have more than half a tank of gas in the car right now?  
  4. Do you have a plan for how your family will get out of the house in case of a fire?  
If you answered yes to any of those questions, you could also be considered a "prepper."  It's picked up a really negative connotation, thanks in part to reality television, but unnecessarily so.

This book addresses animal husbandry and food storage.  In this book, we answer the first question...

The big question for a lot of preppers is simply, “Where do we go?” There are a variety of options available, so how do you know what’s best for you and your family? In this book, you’ll learn how to break down the task of strategic relocation into a manageable plan of action, including:
  • • Picking a Geographical Location
  • • Area Reconnaissance and Intel Gathering
  • • Home/Land Buying Basics
  • • Off-Grid Options
  • • Home Fortifications
  • • Building a Retreat for Your Group/Community
Thoughts about this book....
If you're wanting to plan long-term for an uncertain future, location is definitely the first step.  After all, what good is having supplies if you're just going to bug out to a place that they aren't located.  This book talks realistically about choosing a place (and it discusses the pros and cons of rural, suburban, and urban options), scouting the area, and purchasing a home.  It talks about upgrades you can make if you decide to stay at your current location, too.  It does a really good job of balancing options....whereas some books focus solely on off-grid locations, and others solely on surviving in a big city, this one really weighs out all of the options.  Finally, it discusses building a community and working together as a group, as well as the advantages and pitfalls of groups.  It's a good starting place for a beginner.

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About the Author
Charley Hogwood is the chief instructor at Personal Readiness Education Programs (PREP). With over 15 years of experience in the US Army and Florida National Guard, Charley has devoted his life to disaster and emergency preparedness. He holds a certificate in Emergency Management and has 49 FEMA certificates with 100s of hours of training and instruction in disaster readiness, business contingency and continuity planning, emergency operations policies and procedures, mass prophylaxis planning, nuclear WMD responder operations, rapid disaster impact assessment, volunteer management and more. He is also a speaker presenting on emergency management topics such as hurricane preparedness.
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