Monday, February 5

Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)

Re-enacting the Traditional Greek Olympics (with a few extra events!)

At the end of each unit in our Ancient History curriculum, we get to do one big super-fun project!  For Ancient Greece, we got to plan out our own Olympic Day, complete with medals!  

The original Greek Olympics had five events :  javelin, discus, wrestling, foot race, and pentathalon.  We added Jello snarfling and Nerf gun sharp-shooting to round out our competition...  

Want to stage your own Olympics?  You'll want these resources!

Javelin Throw
An old flagpole made a perfect javelin!

Discus Toss
A frisbee...a's all the same shape!

Obstacle Course & Foot Races
Over the playground and through the woods...

Who had more fun here....Daddy, or the kids?

Jello Snarfling
I'm fairly certain this was the favorite event!

Nerf Gun Sharp-shooting
The cat kept running in front of the target....

If you want an easy way to make medals, we used old canning lids to make our medals.  Poke a hole through it, use some string, and you have a shiny, metal medal!  We made our own Greek scoreboard to keep track of the day's events.  While there was no clear cut winner, we all came out on top and had a fabulous afternoon!

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