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Drive Thru History Adventures (review)

Has your family ever watched Drive Thru History Adventures videos?  Do you have boys?  Kids?  Teens?  Adults that act like kids?  😊  Then you’re going to love Dave Stotts and his videos!  While we own all of the Drive Thru History DVD sets, we were surprised to find out that it now has an accompanying curriculum for high school, called Drive Thru History Adventures.

DriveThru History Adventures can be used for any age student, but if you use the full curriculum, with all of its components, it is appropriate for the high schooler.  We watched the videos together as a family, and went through discussion questions with our younger son.  Then, our older son completed all of the other components on his own – including extra readings, question and answer worksheets, side roads (even further off the trail), and some of his own ‘follow the bunny trail’ research.

The curriculum includes video, illustrations, art, readings, worksheets, discussion questions, and opportunities for digging deeper.  There are currently three courses offered : American History, Biblical History, and Ancient History.  Naturally (if you’ve followed our blog for any length of time, this won’t be a surprise), we chose to delve into Ancient History first!
The Ancient History course focuses on Rome, Greece, Turkey, and the eastern world (of the era).  It has twelve different episodes, each which are 45 minutes long.  The first thirty minutes are the same as the DVD collection, so if you have that, you will have seen those.  (My kids, however, enjoy watching them over and over again.)  The last fifteen minutes are extra content that delves into the history a little bit deeper.  Not only is this ‘extra’ content meaty, but it provides several jumping off points for further research.  Every single day, my son was digging through internet research to find out more about something that had piqued his interest in these videos….so much so, that at times, I had to put a stop to it.  When your teen is loving something so much that you have to make them stop going down the bunny trails?  That’s a curriculum worth using!

He typically went down these bunny trails after completing the art history, side roads, and suggested readings (rather than printing those out, I had him read them from the computer), and then he completed the course worksheets.  These worksheets are a way for me to keep track of what he’s learning for future reference. 

In addition to the curriculum itself, Drive Thru History Adventures subscribers also get access to Adventures TV and a Facebook group specifically for curriculum users.  While we spent more time on the curriculum itself, we did find a couple of family favorite episodes on Adventures TV….including an episode about Roman coins and a super-goofy episode about the History of Cheese…complete with about a million ultra-‘cheesy’ puns!  His personality doesn’t just stop at the curriculum, though.  When Facebook group users left feedback about this episode, Dave responded with :
If we were allowed to teach religion in the schools today, this would be the perfect series for middle and high schoolers.  It's informative and engaging, and the narrator is just goofy enough to keep you asking what will happen next!  The cinematography is well-done, and the history is presented at an age-appropriate level for children to understand and adults to want to learn by their side. 

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