Monday, January 29

Under the Weather (KT Tunstall)

It's hard to believe that only a few weeks ago, we were hanging out on a sunny, warm beach, soaking up the atmosphere....  The gorgeous days were outweighed only by the peaceful, mild nights.

These days, we're battling the roller coaster of an Oklahoma winter, with seventies on one day and snow the next.  It's a different kind of gorgeous, and we've been enjoying running through the freshly fallen snow singing Walking In a Winter Wonderland, followed by a perfect cup of hot chocolate.

We've been using the weather to our advantage for school as well.  For art class, we took the Christmas candies that were leftover and began making sculptures, like this sleigh!

As part of the knot-tying exercises for Boy Scouts, we built a rope bridge in the back yard.  It only spans the creek, but it's just as thrilling to cross!

There's nothing better than getting out as a family and mussing up all that new snow.  We enjoyed a very long (and somewhat vicious toward the end!!!) snowball fight with the boys, and then traipsed around the acreage, enjoying the beauty that God had laid out before us.  Tomorrow it will probably be in the sixties again, but today we will enjoy snow...

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