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Monday, December 4

Teaching Kids About Herbs : Echinacea

December's herb is Echinacea...a fabulous daily immune booster, just in time for winter!

Echinacea (Coneflower)
Just the Facts

  • Plant Description : Echinacea looks like tall daisies with purple (or pink) flowers and a large, prickly seed cone…hence the name ‘coneflower.’  The leaves feel rough.
  • Parts to use : Entire plant may be used
  • Used primarily for : Inflammation, cold / flu, immune booster, infection
  • You can make : Tea, tincture, capsule, syrup

  • Echinacea Tea : Mix 1 Tbsp dried echinacea with 1 cup hot water, steep 5 minutes, and strain the herbs.  Drink a cup every hour or two until you start to feel better.  (Echinacea is a very safe herb, and you can take it in large doses, and frequently.)
  • Toothache Soother : Make lozenges using echinacea tea (see the section on Slippery Elm) and chew or suck on them as needed to ease the pain of toothaches and erupting teeth.
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