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Wednesday, December 13

Melting Snowmen & a Giveaway (Sixth Day of Christmas)

On the sixth day of Christmas...

We brought you a tasty and oh-so-fun recipe to warm up the kitchen!
When the holidays arrive, we get the itch to bake!  We always bake up lots of treats and hand them out around a gift, as a token of appreciation, and as part of our RACK mission.  This year, we found these adorable Melting Snowmen Cookies!!
Ingredients :

Directions :
  1. Cover cookies with white icing, allowing it to drop off the sides (creates melting effect).  Let icing dry 30-45 minutes.
  2. Use black icing and orange sprinkles to create faces on the marshmallows.  Get creative and give them character!
  3. Glue marshmallows to cookies with white icing.  Using black and colored icing, give the snowmen buttons, scarves, arms, and other embellishments.  Let dry at least two hours before transporting.
  4. Complete this melting snowmen craft while waiting for them to dry!

This is part of the Twelve Days of Christmas giveaway extravangza!  Be sure to visit the landing page and enter all of the giveaways!

Today's winner will receive a mystery box from the Dr. Bonyfide Know Yourself subscription club!

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