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Friday, December 1

Do a Good Deed in December!

December – Do a Good Deed!
‘Tis the season to do something good for others.  While you’re at it, do something good for yourself!  What do I mean?

Examples of Ways to Give
 What will Giving to Others do for your health?
  • Being altruistic can lower your blood pressure…it lowers stress and increases gratitude.
  • Being charitable could help your heart.  Happiness helps protect your heart.  Moving around (physical exercise) while giving back is even better.
  • Giving back could help you live longer.  You’ll be more satisfied, too.
  • Practicing gratitude will help you sleep better.  Well-rested people are happier people.
  • Generosity and gratitude can reduce your stress…and we all know that less stress is better.
What will it do for you as a person?
  • Volunteering can relieve the sense of social isolation and help you fill empty hours in the day.
  • Everyone, rich or poor, takes from society, and volunteering is one way to show a sense of appreciation.
  • Volunteering is an excellent way to explore your likes and dislikes, or to practice a hobby.
  • Volunteering can offer a new perspective—seeing people who are worse off than you are, yet still hanging in there, can help you see your life in a whole new light.
  • When you volunteer, you realize just how much you are truly needed. Meeting people who need your help is a strong incentive to continue—people are depending on you. And unlike your job at home, the recipients are usually appreciative!
  • Helping others makes you feel good about yourself, because you’re doing something for someone that they couldn’t do for themselves.

Do Something Good for Yourself
Laughing has some pretty amazing effects, which can last up to 45 minutes after the giggling is over...
  • decreases pain
  • relaxes muscles
  • boosts immune system
  • strengthens heart
  • reduces stress
  • releases endorphins
  • exercises abdominal muscles
  • improves circulation
  • helps us live in the moment 
 Laughter trumps stress every time.  Pencil some fun into your schedule, whether it's a comedy club date night, a funny movie, or just reading jokes with your kids!


Lose the Phone
I really think it’s come to this….that we have to list this as a way to give to others and to yourself.  Crawl out of the virtual world and back into the real one!
Seriously.  I don't own one, and this gives me the unique perspective of being able to look around at restaurants, stores, and literally every single place that we go and see people just glued to their phones.  Teenagers are sitting in a silent group....everyone is on their device.  Couples are out on date night....and they're both on their devices.  Families are out for dinner....the kids are entertaining themselves while their parents are technologically-engaged (or, if the kids are older, all of them are engaged).  Please - for the sake of the future of humanity, declare couple-time and family time "tech-free."
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