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Tuesday, November 21

And So This is Christmas (Beatles)

During the holiday season, we relax our homeschool studies to focus on family and Christmas.  One of our favorite things to do is study traditions from different parts of the world - it's geography, history, cultural studies, art, and language arts all wrapped up into one (and sometimes I can sneak in some science and math, too!).

There are many different resources for Christmas Around the World (see a book list here), and we even created some ourselves, but this year we're taking a different route and using this resource from the Awe-Filled Homemaker.  It has over seventy pages, and features twenty different countries, as well as some Christmas staples...

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The Christmas Around the World unit study includes informational text, question and answer activities, and a craft for each of it's twenty-four units.  We will be using extra books and video clips to further study each country, and probably doing some cooking from each country, too!  However, you don't have to add anything to it.  The unit study stands alone as a supplemental resource, perfect for elementary aged children.

While it's true that we do a lot of US geography, our international geography is limited to what we can learn from books, which means that the kids aren't nearly as versed.  I like that, while America is featured, the other nineteen countries come from all over the world, providing them with lots of exposure.  Also, they are not all of your basic 'let's put it in a geography primer' countries.  (Scroll down for a detailed list of featured countries.)

One of the featured countries is the Phillipines....that one was our family's favorite, as it was a jumping off point for oh-so-many stories from my husband's side of the family.  They were stationed there for a few years with the Navy, and brought out photos, trinkets, and stories about Christmases spent there!

For each country, we started by find it and its neighbors on a map.  Then we read the story and did the art project.  We watched a tourism video and one other 'kids' pick' video about the country, and then did some sort of food-related project.  As my children are older, we did one country each day, but you could stretch each one out over a few days.  Our unit included these :
Christmas Around the World unit study  (use code Black Friday to get it 50% off!)

Before hitting the countries, the first study is on Advent. We have a handmade Advent calendar that our family reuses each year, filling it with candies and trinkets, and the boys have been saving up for a Lego Advent calendar this year, too.  In light of their enthusiasm, it was nice to go over the reasons behind Advent with them.  Other 'Christmas staples' studies include the birth of Christ and St. Nicholas.

Though our family did not use the Christmas Passport (which is currently free with the unit study), I think it would be a wonderful tool with elementary children.  It's a hands-on way of accounting for each country you have visited through the unit.  There is a passport with stickers for each country, and they can track their progress.

Awe-Filled Homemaker has generously offered to give one of our readers a free copy of this unit study.  

To enter, visit the Awe-Filled Homemaker and leave a comment below with another resource in the store that you would like to use. (While you're there, use code 'Black Friday' to receive 50% off anything in her store!)  Winner will be chosen at random on December 1st.

Merry Christmas!!

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